2018 Military Script Showcase

The Military Script Showcase recognizes and showcases a feature screenplay, television script or short in any genre that features a story about warfare or the military experience.



by Bryant Daluz

Genre: Action | True Story

Logline: Based on the gripping original true events of the first African-American U.S. Army 761st Combat Tank Battalion to serve under General Patton and fight in World War II. Nicknamed “Patton Panthers”, these courageous men face tremendous odds in their efforts to crush Hitler’s German forces to end the war.

Screenwriter Bio: Bryant Daluz resides in New Haven, Connecticut. Bryant has written a novel and several screenplays including “You Gotta Dance” and “Armor’. Bryant has appeared on several radio shows, television shows and in magazine articles promoting “You Gotta Dance” across the United States. Bryant has interviewed with the New Haven Register and several television shows including Good Morning CT (ABC), Better CT (CBS) and The Stan Simpson Show (FOX).

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